OSMC skin - multiple profiles

I have the latest osmc/updates on a raspberry pi. I am using the OMSC skin. What would be the best method to be able to logoff from one profile, and login onto another profile without having to reboot to get the login screen? I’ve tried all the kodi command shortcuts, and added them to my menu. All either reboot the pi, or shutdown osmc altogether.


Power, then exit. Should bring up the login screen.

Thanks Tom.

Well, I figured out by adding a custom menu item w/ System.LogOff did the trick. However, I am stuck on one other problem. When I log into the new profile, and go to:

Settings > Skin > Configure Skin

I only have this option: “Enable menu customisation”. Selecting it doesn’t change that option, so I am unable to customize the OSMC skin under a new non-master profile. The master profile I can edit menu’s no problem in the OSMC skin.

Same problem for me, with regard to the ‘Enable Menu Customisation’ option under Skin Settings. I can change the skin, but not the menu structure of the skin on secondary profiles.

HI bulbus & @kgoerbig

Have the new profiles still got the settings level set to standard in the skin settings menu?

I don’t use profiles, so this is just a guess; but do you get more options if you change the settings level to advanced?

Thanks Tom.

The only workaround for master + additional profiles is to:

  1. Log into the second profile. System > Interface > Skin … Choose a different skin other than OSMC
  2. Under System > Profiles … enable “login screen”
  3. To switch if logged into master skin just add a “Quit” option in the menu. Once all those other settings are changed the quit command logs out, and returns to the “logn screen”