OSMC Skin: No summary for Movies and Episodes

Hello everyone,

at first I would like to thank you for your great work!

I have the problem, that I don’t see any plot summaries for movies or episodes of tv shows which I should see in the left corner when using list view (at least I suppose I should see it regarding the screenshots on the homepage). Is that a problem with my settings or don’t you show this information any more (which I would regret very much)? One of the great features of kodi is in my opinion the possibility to see a lot of information about movies and tv shows (ratings, plot summary, actors etc.). I know there are skins that show more info but I really like the clear design of your osmc skin.

I think it’s not very clear what is highlighted but I think there are some other topics about that problem.

Thank you again,

Check out An improved look and feel for OSMC . A lot of people complained, no acknowledgement by the developers. Sad to say that it doesn’t feel like they value feedback.

Part of the appeal of the default OSMC skin is that it’s cut down and clean (Good for novice users). If you start adding this and that feature to it then it starts getting a bit more bloated and ‘busy’. I think the dev team are keen to keep this as clean as possible whilst some of the users that are more used to XMBC/Kodi understandably want more and more features added.

What you could do is look into changing the skin to one of the more ‘feature rich’ skins. The OSMC skin is based on Conq so that would be the logical first step. I myself like Confluence as that’s what i’ve used more than any other skin.

Thank you for your feedback. I like the clean look of that skin but in my opinion you still need some information and a plot summary is one of the most basic things I can imagine for kodi. Well, perhaps this will be added later…? Thanks for the hint with Conq which looks great.

The whole system is still being developed including the skin so these things may come in time.

Yeah i miss the episode and movie information, i really like the clean aspect but they’re taking it too far. unfortunatly the skin is getting worse than it was :confused:

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