OSMC Skin on general KODI


Is there a OSMC Skin to apply over an existing KODI install?

I’m asking because i loved OSMC UI and would like to use it on my Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Thx in advance!

At the moment, no. The skin is still very much a work in progress.

oh i see, thank you!

guess i’ll have to wait some time then.

I suspect finishing the skin will be one of the things required before OSMC final is released. With the popularity of the skin growing by the day, I think an installable .zip will probably be released around the same time.

The skin has certainly come a long way quite quickly. In alpha 4 I used it for about 5 minutes before changing to confluence out of frustration, but in the RC it’s quite good, with plenty of room for improvement still.

actually the skin is on github, i managed to install it on a general Kodi build with success.

An update on installable zip? Would like it on my android devices.