OSMC Skin: profile dependent backgrounds

I have a few profiles on my OSMC. But I would like to visually differentiate between them using different background settings on each profile.
Currently, when I set the background in one profile to something different, this setting is also applied to all other profiles. The only way to visually differentiate is by using different skins on each profile, which is not what I want.
In the past I have seen that other skins are able to have sepperate background settings per profile, so I assume it is possible.
Could this be implemented in OSMC skin too?

Ping @Chillbo

Can you refer us to a skin that supports this so we can investigate how this is implemented?

I’ve just checked this with my v18 daily driver and my v19 test setup. The v19 setup doesn’t share settings between profiles, under v18 it is indeed behaving like you describe. This seems to be a bug that has been reported on the Kodi forum before: Different background images in different kodi profiles

It looks like it’s been fixed for Kodi v19.

That was me, back then trying/using Pellicud… I have been using Kodi for a long time already, long before I started using OSMC… So I have been using many different themes through the years… And many of them also have the current OSMC skin behaviour concerning backgrounds and profiles.
I don’t remember anymore which ones where actually able to keep their background settings profile-specific.
I’m guessing is must be Rapier skin and/or one (or any) of the Aeon skins (I have been using MQ and Nox: Silvo in the past) and/or maybe Transparency!.. I will have to try it out manually again to be sure …

I have absolutely no idea how a skin is actually implemented. I did notice that some skins even share their configurable main menu layout between profiles, which the osmc theme luckily does not… So I assumed the background-setting was something similar…

Anyway as I now read here that it will probably be fixed in kodi 19. I’m prepared to wait for it :slight_smile: