OSMC Skin two rows of widgets

Just discovered the widgets that you can customize.

Is there any way you can have two rows of two widgets.

For example,
i’d like the top row widget to be new movies
i’d like the bottom row widget to be new tv shows

there’s plenty of room but at the moment you can have to rows but one row is visible at a time.



Searching for that option too.
Tried to modify the skin myself, but didn’t get it to work.

Two rows of widgets are not supported (yet). It would be quite an extensive code change that would take me quite some time to implement. It’s on the list due to this request, but I’m not sure when and if I’ll implement this.

For the time being, you can configure as many widgets for each home menu entry as you like and switch between them by highlighting a widget and pressing the up or down key on your remote/keyboard. But only one will be shown at a time.

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