OSMC Skin update - OSMC

While we usually release a single monthly update, we've made a number of improvements to the OSMC skin and would like to get these changes out as promptly as possible for feedback. Here's what's new:

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Hi ,
is this update ready to download as a zip file (kodi skin)?

It can be found here: https://github.com/osmc/skin.osmc/releases

After latest update my OSMC on RPI3b+ is much, much faster and smoother. I am more than happy!


i use vero4k with osmc in living room.
I have a private cinema at home with a 16: 9 projector aspect and a 21: 9 screen aspect

scope osmc skin could be the best solution for me. i use an htpc with kodi dsplayer 17.6 (krypton) and scopenox 1.22

scope osmc does not work with krypton … if it were solved … it would be fantastic

do you see any chance that scope osmc could work with krypton?
is it doable?

Thanks and best regards


Unfortunately we have no plans to support older versions of Kodi. It would be too much work to backport these changes.



That’s a definite no from me, I’m afraid. :wink: Why not switch to Leia?

I’m guessing because the dsplayer he is using was abandoned before they got around to updating it for Leia.

I use dsplayer with madvr. last version of dsplayer is 17.6.

alternatively it would be mpc-be or mpc-hc with playercorefactory.xml …
I mask and in this case does not work properly. The MPC-be OSD is outside the active area in black bars and is not visible.

A 21: 9 (2.35: 1) skin is the solution like Scopenox or Scope OSMC
in test operation with vero4k works perfectly

i have a htpc with rx5700xt gpu and i want to use madvr because image quality is much better possible

Very nice work for the skin!


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I’m confused, you can use madvr with a vero 4k?

I can not…
madvr with HTPC

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