OSMC + Sonarr & NZBget/Sabnzbd

Hi have a readynas for file storage which i had been running the osmc services and couchpotato.

Its an old NAS had to move over to Sonarr which i have put on the pi without to much issue. I seem to be getting more and more issues with sabnzbd on the readynas and cannot upgrade the software so was thinking to move this onto the Pi.

My question would be do many others have the NZB downloading software on the same pi as they are using OSMC and watching videos? Can the Pi handle doing both things at the same time (i.e unraring a file and playing 1080p video)

Toying with getting another Pi, however if its not going to cause any issues with performance may as well just use the same pi

Many thanks

Did you even search this forum for the key words in your title?

Yes I searched and obviously it is possible to install them, am not looking for a guide on how to install them either.

Was looking more for opinion of how it effects overall performance when it is running.

NZBGet performs much better than Sabnzbd on low powered hardware due to the fact it’s written in pure C++ where as Sabnzbd is written in python and is a resource hog.

Thanks for the info Rich001.

Will look down the NZBget avenue based on this, assuming the most processor heavy things are verifying and extracting the files. If this was to happen whilst watching a video can the pi3 handle it?