OSMC splash screen is squished on a TV screen


When booting OSMC on a Rasberry Pi 4, the OSMC splash screen is squished when displaying on a TV screen, but not when displaying on a computer screen. LibreELEC doesn’t have that issue.

I know on this picture it can look like a perspective effect, but the splash screen should stretch up to the borders of the TV, and the logo is actually squished horizontally.

If I change the splash screen to some other 1920x1080p file, it is also squished by the same amount.

Is there a way to fix that? I haven’t seen a similar issue on this forum.

Thanks for your help!

Configure your TV to “Just Scan”.

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What is the resolution of the TV?

If the TV starts in 4096x2160 then this is a 17:9 aspect ratio but the supplied splash screen is a 16:9 ratio.

The default behaviour appears to be for the Pi to pick the highest resolution the TV returns in the edid when starting up, so it will choose 4096x2160 over 3840x2160 which is 16:9.

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This is probably solvable by forcing a resolution to the Pi video out at boot instead of letting the TV and Pi handshaking things. A detailed description and numbers for the resultion you want can be found on Pi documentation
You probably want to add something like:
for 1080p 60Hz