OSMC ssh: change password won't work

Hi guys, I succesfully login into my OSMC installation (Rp2) with default credentials, but when I try to change the password using sudo passwd I get a confirm message that it tells me that the pass has been changed, but when I restart the board I can enter only using the default previous password OSMC.

Anyone knows why?

If you want to change the password for the osmc user just use passwd without sudo otherwise you change the root password

The problem is that when I try to use simply passwd, I get this error: Authentication token manipulation error, so I thought that it was for the sudo…

What changes have you made to your system ?

passwd by itself will work to change the osmc user password - the error you’re reporting indicates a problem with the system. (Although I have no idea what, as I’ve never seen that error before)

Honestly speaking, I’m a newbie and I have simply installed OSMC on my new Rasp using the OSMC installer…

Can you copy and paste exactly your command line (including the prompt) and the full output. There seems something strange here

Mystery solved. That message appears if you type a wrong current unix password. :smile:
I don’t know if it is a standard message, but it is not intuitive…

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