OSMC started freezing on skipping back after May update

Watching videos stored on a SMB directory on a Vero 4K. After the May update, the OSMC now freezes intermittently when you skip back during playback. It’s not a buffering issue, because the file is small, and the source is only a few meters away from the router.

The screen freezes and remote buttons become no longer pressable. The only way to go back to the main menu is to unplug the Vero.

And without logs demonstrating the issue there is no support we can offer.

Have you tried by playing a file from local storage (USB)?
Does it happen with all files or some?

Some files play fine and others stutter or have to buffer constantly. WLAN speeds are healthy.

Edit: They play perfectly from USB storage

Then you should be running an iperf3 test against your server across that wlan. Additionally, logs could be useful but you seem to keep avoiding that suggestion…