OSMC startup splash screen

Love the new OSMC startup splash screen.

Minor issue is that on one PiB2 it is in HD and on the other, PiB, it is SD or even less than that.

How could I fix this?

EDIT: When the PiB load the TV is reporting 720p but when the Kodi screen appears it switches to 1080p.

Any ideas…

Are they both RC builds? The splash screen was one of the changes between Alpha4 and RC

The Pi will by default boot in the native resolution reported by your TV using EDID.

So if your TV reports 720p as its preferred resolution that’s what it will boot in. This default resolution is reported as “DESKTOP” in Kodi.

If you change the resolution in Kodi then Kodi will use that new resolution however the early boot process including splash screen will still use the preferred resolution reported by the TV. This is normal and the way the Pi works.

If it bothers you you can override the boot resolution of the Pi by using config.txt options - check out the resolution settings in the Pi settings module in OSMC settings, or refer to the following table of hdmi_mode and hdmi_group settings:


You normally want to use hdmi_group=1 (CEA) modes for a Television and then select the appropriate hdmi_mode from the CEA list.

Thank you. All sorted…I completely forgot about this.

I just couldn’t figure out why the PiB was doing it and not the PiB2 - obviously different televisions…

Thanks again.