OSMC stickers

I’m going to put my RPI2 running OSMC into a Short Crust Plus case and I was wondering whether OSMC stickers of any flavour are available to place on the case.

I found something like it for Kodi

Powered by Kodi Stickers

but nothing for OSMC.

Sam, any plans to do this ? would you be willing to release a vector art image of the logo so roll-your-own stickers can be made ?



just for curiosity, I’ve buy here in my country an online Raspberry PI kit; when I’ve open the box I’ve found this SD container

nice I want


We plan to sell some official merchandise soon, but we want to do it in a way that grows the brand. Some merchandise can look plain tacky and really cheapen things. I think the Kodi stickers look nice, but they seem quite expensive for what they are.

Stickers also depend on what people plan to stick the logo on.

You can use the OSMC marks in accordance with the trademark guidelines.

This for example, is a trademark violation. We’ve had a lot of eBay sellers shipping OSMC as ‘fully loaded’ lately and then deferring support to us when things go sour.

I’ll get some stickers done. It would be good to know:

  • What size are you interested in? I was thinking 20mm square but know this will vary per user.
  • How many would you like in a pack?



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The size of the “intel i7” on desktop pc would be nice. and like 6 in pack

Hmm, I’ll need to do some measuring and test printouts to gauge the correct size.

I would envisage not needing more than four but economics might dictate the optimum quantity

Let me get back to you

I had a little play around with some paper prototypes last night

1 . logo is 37.3 mm x 27.5 mm

2 . logo is 28.2 mm x 20.8 mm

3 . logo is 68.6 mm x 50.5 mm

4 . logo is 18.8 mm x 13.8 mm

My preference is #1

Maybe two of each size ?

I want a OSMC Mug to sup my morning coffee from.

I’ll leave this with @simonbrunton, our brand developer.


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Something’s coming


Yeti mug thank you very much…

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'sup broheem?


Simon has come up with a few ideas. I liked these two the most:

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I like the blue one the most

blue one is really sweet indeed!

No black mugs with a white logo yet?

This makes me sad, I guess I’ll have to keep using my OCP mug instead.

It will also depend on what kind of case ( or other surface ) they will be put on.

I think both options should be provided

Hi everyone

We are going to provide three stickers per sheet (half an A4). Each sticker features a unique OSMC logo face (the two shown above), and the old dark blue.

Each sticker will be 7cm diameter. They will be glossy.

We are printing some samples to evaluate, then we’ll get printing when we’re happy. I suspect we’ll have them on sale in about three weeks.


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They look quite nice.