OSMC stream to another OSMC?

Hi all,

Question, I have a Raspberri Pi that I have mounted to an external HD where I play my movies from directly. I was thinking of getting a second pi for my bedroom, but wanted to know if I can somehow stream my library from the PI that has the External HD to the one in the bedroom?

@manny1975 yes you can just choose the video u want to play then bring up context menu using c button and first option I think (play using )whatever osmc device u want to play to I have done it on mine for my kids works very well

Thank you @aberboy77 , but is there something I need to have setup on the second Pi? Like use UpNP services or something like that? Sorry, Total Newbie to this!

@manny1975 have you installed samba in the osmc app store via programs in main screen try that

You need to allow the rpis to be used as a upnp client. You can also publish the library on one and browse it with the other pi via upnp.

Have a look at the services section in the settings.

You won’t need samba for this.

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You might also consider setting the original Pi as an NFS server and use a shared MySQL database. That’s how I’m setup, and it works great.

Avoid using SAMBA if you can!