Osmc sucks

Have a bog standard pi2. Original install of osmc was perfect no problems with playback back in the day. Over the course of the last few dozen updates the osmc software now hardly plays anything at all. The majority of what I select says playback error and what does play is choppy AF! Preferred the software when it was rasbmc. Running latest osmc on pi2 with wireless connection. Ideas that don’t involve 10000 command lines would be appreciated.

Thanks for the insight.

You are probably using a crap (and banned) streaming add-on

If you are interested in having the issue looked at, I would suggest reading the Wiki which explains how to gather logs. Command line access is not required for this.

Given your two-word title, I have a one command line solution for you.

By sheer coincidence, that one line command is also two words.

And even 2 characters less I assume

shh bby is ok

I’ll see what I can pull. Thanks Sam. You, out of all the other responders, have realized my frustrations and provided meaningful insight. Thank you! I’ll get back to you later with more details.

You don’t deserve it.


@network233 OSMC, like all other software, will have issues and as a long time user I’ve experienced them too and got frustrated at times especially since I’ve spent money on their hardware.

What is great about the OSMC team is that they do actually respond to people (even the rude AF ones) and correct nearly all of the issues reported, and that alone is enough for me to continue supporting the project / company.

I suggest next time you request help for free software, you do so politely and take a read through the help pages first, if the developers spent just half of the time developing they do asking for logs I’m sure they’d have much more time to help everyone.