OSMC suddenly stopped showing Random music Albums on the home screen

All of sudden the Random Albums thumbnails are no longer showing on the OSMC home page. It can display random movies, random TV Shows thumbnails, IPTV radio & TV thumbnails but not for TV.

Here’s my log:


Have you customized your home screen via skin settings?

No I haven’t. I only switched skins when I was testing the IPTV PVR client


I only chaned the skin colour from the default light blue to black

Can you check under skin settings/addons whether skinshortcuts script is installed and enabled?

Yes it’s installed. it’s v1.1.5

I was able get the Random Albums back by customizing the main menu > Music > Manage Widgets > Select Widget > Music > Pre-configured widgets > Albums > Random Albums. I selected Random Albums and kept the title as Random Albums and I was done.

Now I got the Random Albums displaying again :sunglasses:

That’s exactly why I asked… Perfect that you got it sorted :+1:t2:

I can’t get to a “Manage Widgets” option in any of the places where “Music” is an option. How do you get to this step?

So I was able to customize the main menu after searching several other threads. I also had to change the settings level from Advanced to Standard. It’s strange how certain options appear only at certain settings level, and not always intuitively.