OSMC suppport for internal Wifi on AppleTV (ATV1)

I know a lot of people have replaced the internal Wifi card inside the ATV1 with the Crystal HD card for playback of higher resolution video.
But a lot of us are content with the video and prefer the use of the internal Wifi without having to use a hub and dongle.

This already in the works.
A compatible driver is already included, and the firmware will be included in a future update.

See Below:

Bump. This still has not been down as of the latest images:

I realize that most OSMC ATV users have installed a crystal video card to replace the internal wifi card, but not all of us have… And if someone is installing on a ‘new’ ATV (perhaps to test this out, before they spend $ on such a card, or don’t wish to spend the $ and can live with 720p output, as I have 2 firetvs already), the built in wifi doesn’t work with these images.

I got around this missing bit by using a USB hub when I was testing the USB version (with a usb wifi adapter on the hub as well), to test the below, and I just installed onto the HDD (so I could plug the wifi adapter into the usb port by itself). Both work as expected:

Once logged in via ssh, this works:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer
sudo reboot

(remove wifi adapter from usb)
On reboot, re-setup wifi access to use the now working internal wifi (which supports 5ghz BTW, which my usb adapter didn’t…)
All works then… just by adding the missing firmware

Given that a new set of images is very likely once v17 becomes the norm (the above images still install v16), can this be addressed now? If it’s as simple as just adding the firmware to the stock image? It won’t affect users who don’t have it, but it will help those of us who grab an old ATV1 off a dusty shelf and want to use OSMC (which is amazing to still support the ATV1…) to give old hardware new life. There is something wonderful about saying “Yeah, that’s 10 years old, but it’s running the latest software still…” You can’t say that about many Apple products at all.

Submit PR if appropriate.
I thought we dependended on firmware-b43-fwcutter, but perhaps firmware-b43-installer needs to be depended upon too. See appletv-device-osmc under package/ in OSMC.

according to Debian -- Details of package firmware-b43-installer in jessie
that depends on fwcutter, so I’d say switch to depending on the installer which is needed as well, and it’ll pull in the fwcutter package itself.

Yes, can be adjusted.