OSMC Synergy: unable to open screen

I tried to configure synergy on my raspberry pi 1.
I have a synergy.conf file.
But when i tried to start, nothing happens

with synergys -f osmc show me this

osmc@osmc:~$ synergys -f
2015-11-27T14:28:58 INFO: Synergy 1.4.16 Server on Linux 4.2.3-3-osmc #1 PREEMPT Tue Oct 13 17:58:31 UTC 2015 armv6l
2015-11-27T14:28:58 DEBUG: opening configuration “/home/osmc/.synergy.conf”
2015-11-27T14:28:58 DEBUG: configuration read successfully
2015-11-27T14:28:58 DEBUG: XOpenDisplay(":0.0")
2015-11-27T14:28:58 WARNING: primary screen unavailable: unable to open screen
2015-11-27T14:28:58 DEBUG: retry in 60 seconds
Segmentation fault

Synergy requires x11 and since OMSC boots right into kodi making any use of Synergy is impossible