OSMC T2 tuner on Pi Model B


I’ve got a Pi 3B+ running OSMC with the OSMC DVB-T2 tuner, works a treat. I’ve also got an older Pi B Rev 2 with Stretch Lite acting as a headless print and file server, and had a thought of getting it to be my TV server as well, with a manual installation of TVH under Stretch Lite.

However, while TVH works fine, the new tuner only shows the Realtek adapter, not the Sony one. Does anyone know if the T2 tuner can be made to work fully on the Pi B? Are there missing firmware/drivers that OSMC includes?

Is the Pi B running OSMC?
It should work out of the box


sudo systemctl stop tvheadend
rm ~/.hts/tvheadend/input/linuxdvb/adapters/*
sudo systemctl start tvheadend

Then go back into the TVH web interface and enable only the Sony tuner.

It’s possible if he’s just using Debian and not OSMC that he doesn’t have drivers and firmware. He’d need to build a custom kernel.

I was trying to run everything on the old Pi under Buster Lite (not Stretch, my mistake in OP), streaming to OSMC on the other Pi. OK, I’ll install OSMC on the Pi with the tuner, that’s not a problem :slight_smile: Thanks for quick reply!