OSMC Test builds ADSP

Hi there,

I was looking for the ADSP test builds for OSMC, but neither in the Krypton nor in the Leia test builds any ADSP is included.
I’m especially looking for the biquad filters.

ADSP seems to be broken in Kodi.

When it is stable again it will be re-added.

The libreELEC (OpenELEC) test builds have it included tho

Maybe we can add it.

We found that when you actually enable it, it does not work properly.
Did you test it?

I wasn’t able to test it yet.
Is there a way to enable it without compiling kodi from source?

You will need to compile Kodi from source, unless you know what you are doing. Binary add-ons are very closely coupled at this time. It’s technically possible to build without building the whole of Kodi, but we can’t advise on this.

In our testing, ADSP has caused crashes and we have been told by Kodi developers to omit it for now as it is broken.

Is there a compiled binary ready to give it a try?
How much time does it take to compile kodi on the raspi2?

You need to compile it yourself.
No idea for time on a Pi2. It depends on the SD card but if I had to make a guess I’d say 4 hours.

I suspect the next question will be how to compile. This is covered on the forum (so search first).

Haha thanks, but I know how to compile kodi.
I’ll report back if it works or not

NVM, I cannot get it compiling binary addons.
Is there a way you guys can quickly compile a test build with adsp so I and other ppl can try it out?

Did you test LE/OE where it is already included?

Compiling Kodi for OSMC is pretty straight forward.
Where did you run in to problems?

Got it working.
It’s running flawless, I just cant get the Equalizer UI work with the new default skin.

Try setting number of channels to 5.1 and play a 7.1 channel file.
That will crash when ADSP is enabled, even if no specific ADSP plugin is enabled.

I did not try that, I’m running a 2.0 setup