OSMC Theme / Skin

Is there an early version of the skin available to test?

Hi Dan,

There was an early skin for Raspbmc users to test but we haven’t made much progress yet. As soon as I’ve got something I feel is appropriate for testing I’ll bundle it in the next build



i see in old theme that you will use Arial font. Arial is just a bit uglier copy of Helvetica. maybe Helvetica is better choice?

On the latest build I tried out the new OSMC skin, you guys are doing a great job, its perfect.

I get a lot of script errors and some things cause the entire system to reset, but to be expected. I think the movies layouts look great.

One request would be to allow user to disable the green overlay effect, so fan art can be viewed in its original colour? Also I would like to be able to rename “Movies” to “Films”…

Excellent work guys.

Hi Dan, can you get me a Kodi log of those script errors?

I will look in to the other requests



Sam, where can I find the log? Dan

I had a look for the log, but couldn’t find it on sd card, perhaps I have to ssh to get it?

I have taken some pictures of the errors, I get one shortly after boot up, and then quite often a “skin shortcuts” error when navigating the menus. See attached photos.

The skin is so fast and snappy though! I am really happy with it.

Yes, you’ll need to SSH. Location will be /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

Sam, I sent log to your email@ address.


I’m running Kodi on my laptop and really like the OSMC skin. Is it available somewhere to download please?