OSMC to coexist with Pi-hole?



I’m running OSMC together with Pi-hole on a Raspberry and plan to do the same on the Vero 4K. Following an OSMC update, I noticed that at least sometimes Pi-hole is kind of messed up, i.e. its web interface isn’t loading any more and / or surfing the web on iOS devices gets very slow (which is probably IPv6 related).

Hence, is there anyone to share experiences how to make Pi-hole kind of robust against OSMC updates?




We do not support installing Pi-hole alongside osmc, as the packages install have a tendency to break osmc. Therefore we can not offer support for this. Would recommend keeping pi-hole on a separate device on your network, if you are getting a vero4k (or already have it). Why not keep pihole on the raspberrypi?

Thanks Tom.


RPi and Vero 4K are installed in different households and I want to avoid connecting multiple “gadgets” to each router.




If you install pi-hole on your vero4k and if you have any issues, you will be advised to remove; before we can diagnose further.

Thanks Tom.