OSMC to manage sound over I2S HDMI?

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I am interested into this unit : RASPDIGI LTE LVDS V2 Lecteur Réseau I2S LVDS HDMI Reclocker Allo Kali Format Audio-GD - Audiophonics

Because it offers the standard HDMI from the raspberry but adds a second HDMI than can carry out sound over I2S (I have an audio-gd DAC).

My goal would be to watch a movie, video output through standad HDMI and have the sound through the second I2s HDMI. Is this something OSMC can handle ?

I have a second question, I have a Synology NAS and currently use DSVideo application on my Android mobile to select my movie and have it played by my western digial tv live unit.
Would I be able to use DSVideo to start a video in a unit running OSMC ?
If not, what android applciation can I use for that purpose ?

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You could use a Kodi smartphone app and add the NAS shares to Kodi directly.

I would check with AudioPhonics. I can’t imagine they would have made a device like this for this kind of cost that doesn’t support this.

I did actualy.
They guess it might work but didn’t try.
Thatnm is why I thought you could indicate if OSMC would support this?

I don’t know. I don’t have the hardware.

sure, but can OSMC output to 2 different HDMI, one for video and another for sound ?

I suspect the device exposes itself as an I2S interface, so it should be possible to have a separate audio device.

Seems pretty expensive, what inputs does your DAC have? To me this would be simpler to buy a Vero 4K + and instead of using a second HDMI for sound to use the optical output of the Vero 4K + for sound.

Does France have distance selling regulations similar to the UK? In the UK i think you can buy something and you have 2 weeks to change your mind so just give this a go and see how it goes.

The go to App for Android is https://www.yatse.tv/

That thing is unlikely to appear as two HDMI devices. The second output is not HDMI but i2s using a HDMI socket. I couldn’t find any detailed documentation on their site for how you set it up with Volumio or other OSs so it’s impossible to say whether OSMC would support it.

They, on the other hand, could download OSMC free and try it but they seem too lazy to do that while four people here have spent time trying to answer you. Geez.

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Thanks all for your time.

Looking to get a more qualitative sound on my audiophile set-up, I am not interested into toslink, that I currently use with my old western digital wd tv live.

I might give audiophonics unit a try.
How I see it: assuming OSMC includes i2s drivers, its i2s card would be detected and selectable as sound output, while video would be sent through standard hdmi.

I doubt OSMC has i2s drivers on Pi.

The audiophonics thing would need its own custom drivers to present itself, say, as an ALSA device that would be recognised by any linux OS.

Lookis like I found out the answer here : https://www.hifiberry.com/build/guides/enabling-hifiberries-in-osmc/

Yes, OSMC is compatible with hifiberry I2S card.

But that device you quoted uses Allo Kali, not hifiberry??