Osmc + Tonido + Hyperion

As anyone got any idea if all 3 will run with out issue iv ran tonido on all all 4 alphas and the RC with out issue or much loss in cpu power iv found tonido very useful for shearing media between my Rpi2, Iphone and android devices

There’s no way to know unless you try.

i will be trying but im still waiting for my ws2801s to turn up from china just wondered if any one had and issues

Could someone post a complete guide for the Hyperion install for the RC please

Did you use the search function?

I did but people seem to have issues installing it

Read Zoltan’s posts.

Thanks @CaNsA

Il add a link to a image for anyone that what’s to try preferred system once my lights arrive

@mjhunt here is a link for installing hyperion for raspberry pi https://christianmoser.me/how-to-build-your-own-tv-ambilight-with-raspberry-pi-and-xbmc/ or maybe try this RPI2 + Hyperion + OSMC - #51 by tulkas84 either way you should get it to work following these :smile:

Thanks for the links il take a look in the morning