OSMC Touchscreen Jukebox

Hi guys, I’m new here. I messed around with OSMC a few months back and was pretty pleased with it. But now I’m working on a new project for my wedding and I’m wondering if it’s possible with OSMC. I’m building a Pi-based touchscreen jukebox (in place of hiring a DJ) and I want guests to be able to add songs to the current playlist (specifically, if they can add a song to the playlist directly after the current playing song) and restrict the ability to change the current song while it’s playing. Basically the same as if you were to request a DJ to play a song next. Also if possible completely remove the ability to pause, rewind, or anything like that without a remote. Is this possible? Would this have to be done with some kind of custom-built add-on or script? I don’t know much about the inner workings of OSMC yet and I’m just trying to figure out my plan of attack or if I need to figure something else out. Thanks!

Probably more useful to ask on the kodi list rather than osmc, but I think you probably want a script using kodi jsonrpc
For example…{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“id”:1,“method”:“Playlist.Add”,“params”:{“playlistid”:1,“item”:{“file”:“/media/music/play_this_next. mp3”}}}

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Awesome, thank you! I will look into that!


As I am a DJ myself, I can tell you that something like this will not work.
People do stupid things especially if they get drunk.
In my opinion there is no way around hiring a professional wedding dj of there should be any dancing and organised music.