OSMC turns one!

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Hi everyone, This isn’t the OSMC final release you’ve been waiting for, but we are working on making OSMC perfect, and more importantly, something that we want to use and cherish and that’s not far away at all. It’s worth mentioning that today marks the first year since the first OSMC commit. A year ago,…


Thanks for your hard work and happy birthday OSMC!!!

Great news, Thanks for your working !

You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work!

Congratulations! What you do is awesome.

Fantastic, good work all of you. Great product and even better support. I sent you a little something via paypal to show my appreciation



and keep up the good work :wink:

Merci beaucoup pour ce super logiciel libre!
Continuez et "Joyeux Anniversaire " à OSMC!

Any eta on the Release version? Are we talking a week, or a month? Just wondering if I install the RC3 now, or simply wait (expecting my Pi 2 to arrive next week).

You are more than welcome to install RC3 now. There should be no need to reinstall after this and the upgrade to final should not be an issue.

That’s awesome news, guys.

I’ve been using OSMC since its inception and never had a problem, really. Not to bash other distros, but, this is the only one that doesn’t slow down along the time.

I’m looking forward for 1.0 :slight_smile: