OSMC turns two!

It's the last week of May, which means a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK with a small chance of good weather. For us -- it also means something else. This weekend will mark two years since the first commit to the OSMC project which started it all.

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Cheers !

Great work!!

Great work and results for the last two years,just been here since december. During that time all i’ve seen so far of the OS and the community I have grown to love. Cheers and hope for many more “birthdays”

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Thank you Sam and all the team. I love it!

I really had no idea OSMC was nearly brand new when I first installed it. Happy Anniversary all! And thank you for the great work and excellent support!

i have try to use:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade

But no update found for me… i need to “restart” from beginning ?

Lol… but i thinks this is not a news speaking about news released image :slight_smile: it’s correct ?

No update was released with this announcement

Ops :slight_smile:

Great work Sam and team. Here’s to another year :slight_smile: