OSMC TV Shows not finding files

I’ve set tvheadend (tvh) to put recorded TV shows into /home/osmc/TV Shows and they do end up there. However, there seem to be 2 problems. Hopefully simple solutions.

The 1st is that after recording a tv program successfully, tvh claims that is a failed recording and can’t “see” the program (this is prob’ly better handled over @ tvh…unless someone here has a solution).

The 2nd is that when I click on “TV Shows” in the OSMC banner (ribbon?), it doesn’t list any TV shows (Clicking on “Movies” in the banner shows all the movies I have loaded into /home/osmc/Movies). I have to step thru a menu that eventually ends up taking me to Files and then to TV Shows.

Are there any config settings in OSMC that would set up TV Shows to function like Movies?



You have to add the source and make sure that you have set the scraper correctly to TV shows.

Appreciate the link and suggestion. I had already set the content and the directory. What I did not know was the structure and file name format kodi required. Explains why when I selected the directory, none of the programs I’ve already recorded that are in that directory were shown. There was even a short scan process that showed the files, but none of those showed up in TV Shows (I went back and did a source edit for movies and all the movie files were visible). I guess something new everyday.

I’ll set up some folders and see if that makes things work better.

So, does that mean I have to create a folder manually for each series I want to record? Also, is there any automatic way to name the files in the way that kodi requires them to be named?

Thx and cheers…


This is a question for the tvheadend folks.

To be honest I would only use “TV Shows” for recordings I want to keep for a long time. For the daily recording and watching just stick to file mode via Videos - Files