OSMC TV Stick heads-up

Just posting in case anyone runs into this. I have bunch of various TV sticks and suddenly did I realise that the stick I bought from Sam was inoperational. When Viewed in tvheadend it showed up as just Realtek RTL2832 which can be caused by a number of things.

In reality does the stick have three frontends, Realtek RTL2832 and Sony CXD2837ER for TVB-T and one for DVB-C. The problem was that "Realtek RTL2832 " had been enabled.

The fix was:

  1. Disable Realtek RTL2832 in the tvh UI
  2. Pull the stick
  3. Take a deep breath
  4. Insert stick

And, volia. All three showed up. Then just enable either of the Sonys depending on if you are a TVB-T or DVB-C person (I am both).

I will probably get a PCI card tuner next year though as the USB tuners have been problematic. Driver issues, connection issues.

You can clear the tuner cache in TVHeadend if you don’t see all tuners.

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Yes. That would have been my next action. In this case. It did show, but only as rtl and when it tried to initialise the rtl bits, it went belly up, which prevented the Sonys from appearing.

I have four tuners currently.

The Realtek tuners only work for DVB-T and not T2.


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Yes. And there is no plain “T” here anymore, but my point was more that the OS tried to initialise the RTL bits, failed and then did not even try to initialise the sonys. Just posting it here in case someone else has the same problem. I am sorry that I did not grab the actual error message though.