Osmc tvheadend error

Hi All,

After upgrading my raspberry today 27/12/2015, my TvHeadend server stopped updating the client on the raspberry, though going through a webpage i could see the channels and all other stuff which seem normal. The only message i see on the webpage for the tvheadend server is “No input detected”, this is strange as all worked fine just before the update. Also i would like to know if its possible to rollback an update so as to revert to a previous month while a new bug is been fixed.

This is just part of the error, if it will help

“NOTICE: Thread PVRClient start, auto delete: false
01:22:59 75.254845 T:1418720288 ERROR: SQL: Abort due to constraint violation
Query: INSERT INTO channels (iUniqueId, bIsRadio, bIsHidden, bIsUserSetIcon, bIsUserSetName, bIsLocked, sIconPath, sChannelName, bIsVirtual, bEPGEnabled, sEPGScraper, iLastWatched, iClientId, idEpg) VALUES (3638652, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, ‘’, ‘Kiss’, 0, 1, ‘client’, 0, 26056, -1)”

Hello guys resolved the issue, i think the update corrupted my TV database from the error above. After searching online, a post suggested that i delete the database under /.kodi/userdata/Database/, did a reboot and all the stations seem to be working fine now. If i notice anything else will update the group