Osmc UI select version doesn't list alpha 4

I downloaded, (not with all ease since the servers are not optimal here i geuss) the OSMC. I had select English would like to install it on raspberry pi 2, pressed next. wanted to select wich version I’d like, aand there I was. Noting. No alpha 4 just select version. Other option was to use a local build on y computer but yea?,… Don’t know what that’s about so does anyone know what to do here?

If you have issues reaching server from your location, try downloading one of the complete images from that same download page. Then you can use the installer, select local build, and point at that downloaded image.

thank u for your fast reply, do you know where I can find those complete images?

Right under the selection for Windows, Mac and Linux is this text:

You can also download disk images here.

Press that link :slight_smile: