OSMC Update Error (December Update incl. PI Config Update)

Hey guys,

I get this screen when I manually trigger an update search:

No progress is shown in the lower right corner. After a couple of seconds i get this:

I did the December update yesterday and the PI Config patch this morning. This is a RPI 2 . Debug logs are here : http://paste.osmc.io/xewoqevuzo

Before I grabbed the full debug log I noticed this in the kodi.log:

10:02:31 110.424202 T:1634726944 NOTICE: OSMC settings sending response, update 10:02:31 110.425011 T:1634726944 NOTICE: OSMC settings sent response, update 10:03:22 162.016861 T:1753580576 NOTICE: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true 10:03:33 172.023376 T:1958306352 NOTICE: Previous line repeats 2 times. 10:03:33 172.023560 T:1958306352 ERROR: Unmatched ] 10:03:33 172.023636 T:1958306352 ERROR: Error parsing boolean expression Window.IsVisible(filemanager)] 10:03:33 172.025314 T:1958306352 ERROR: Window Translator: Can't find window settingsprofile 10:03:33 172.248276 T:1761969184 NOTICE: Thread BackgroundLoader start, auto delete: false 10:11:18 637.389099 T:1753580576 NOTICE: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
Can anyone reproduce this?

PS: Screenshots seem to be crappy. Basically the first window tells me there is an error, please report to the forums, whereas the second screen is the standard “no updates available” screen…

PPS: Just for the sake of completeness. The December update was triggered from the GUI. I did the PI Config patch this morning via sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
. I also did an apt-get autoremove which nuked 2 packages afterwards.


…I guess I figured it out myself. The apt-get autoremove task removed the apt-transport-https package. Without it apt-get update sure enough won’t work. Reinstalled it and everything is back to normal.

Maybe apt-transport-https needs to be flagged as not to be removed by something like apt-get autoremove? Anyway, this is solved.

Sorry for bothering everybody.

Have a good one.

ATTN @sam_nazarko

can confirm this also now it happned on my other rpi when i updated it today

apt-transport-https is not needed for any OSMC repositories and as such it was removed from the base system. If you have custom repositories which use HTTPS in your sources.list, you will need to reinstall this

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Ah, I see.

Indeed I have a custom repo in my sources.list, so that all makes sense. Thanks @sam_nazarko for the heads up and everybody for looking into this. After installing apt-transport-https , apt-get autoremove won’t pick up the former again, because it was installed explicitly. All good here.

On a slightly different note… Will the December image come with or without the PI Config patch? No big deal if not, just wondering…


The December image will have the Pi Config patch