OSMC Update Error

I have tried to install updates on OSMC and when it gets to the blue screen with the loading bar it stays there for a sort period of time then displays the following message: “An error occurred while installing the following: unknown package” I was unable to retrieve the logs from it, I was wondering if someone could assist me with this problem because I am unable to OSMC right now.

There was also a pop up that came up later that said “Error installing: (unknown package)”

Easiest way for us top help is if you upload full logs either via MyOSMC or command line grab-logs -A

I tried to upload the logs from the MyOSMC and wasn’t successful and I am not quite sure how to run the command line from within the OSMC app, would it be possible for you to give me some instructions on how to do that?

What was the error message?

All the necessary instructions on accessing the command line you’ll find on OSMC Wiki pages.