OSMC update stalled

Hello, I just turned on my tv and I see that the update has frozen and stopped downloading. Am I safe to do a hard reboot?


OSMC won’t update without asking you first. Did you choose to update and turn off your TV or AV in the middle of updates? This is best to be avoided in future.

It’s not completely safe, but it seems like you might not have much of an option. You can try logging in via SSH and running sudo reboot.

Otherwise, you’ll most likely be fine. It’s not possible to brick the device this way: in the very worst case you’d have to reinstall from osmc.tv/download.

Hope this helps


Hi Sam. Nope, I didn’t power off the AV during the download. Looks like it might of started by itself? in the lower left screen I do see where it says “OSMC update available” and at the top right it shows the progress of the download and it seems to be stuck on 3 of 8 updates.
I didn’t initiate the updates. The V2 is always on. I never cycle it off. I’ll hard boot tonight and I hope she fires back up without issue. The V2 with OSMC has been super solid.

OSMC will download updates and then prompt you, but it will never start installing them without your permission. In which case, you won’t have any problems. @fzinken seems to have found a slight bug with downloading updates when an Internet connection is suddenly lost.

Shouldn’t have anything to worry about