OSMC UPGRADE Results in Sad Face loop

Raspberry Pi 2 w/ Kodi

OSMC Update Available.

Ran Update.

Now OSMC is in a continuous reboot to a sad face.

No longer working.

help plz!

Did you try the FAQ:
Q: I’ve installed the update and now I only have a black screen or a sad face loop, how do I fix this?

I am having the same issue plus the new skin is terrible and confusing to configure - how can I stop it downloading and attempting an upgrade… wasting hours on this - its crazy → Please help change or I have no choice but to go to openelec.tv

Please please don’t go, we are on a sinking ship with OSMC and we need every single soul to help us pumping out water

Lol… Don’t forget the /s… Rumors will fly lol…

As a great American Leader would say “Sad really horrible sad”

Follow the troubleshooting instructions in the big banner post pinned to the top of your forum page. Once you get a successful boot, change to whatever skin you wish.

You are prompted before upgrading. You are not forced to upgrade, but as others have said, you can change to any supported skin (including Confluence) after upgrading.

If OpenELEC works for you, then use that. I suspect that when they update their stable release to Krypton, you’ll also have the same problem there.

I sorted it … just downloaded the old skin and configured it :slight_smile: all is cool

I ran the OSMC update, not a Kodi update.