Kodi Krypton FAQ and Support

Kodi Krypton has now been released and is available for all OSMC platforms. This is a significant change and as such you may have some questions or issues.

This post intends to answer the most common questions and advise on how to help us help you and provide the best possible support.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I’ve installed the update and now I only have a black screen or a sad face loop, how do I fix this?
A: It’s possible that your Kodi userdata is causing an issue with the new version. The first recommendation would be to move it away and allow Kodi to generate a new userdata directory. This can be done by executing the following commands after accessing the command line:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv ~/.kodi ~/.kodi-backup
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Before attempting this, you may wish to try a more conservative approach, and delete ‘Addons27.db’ only, as reports from users suggest that add-on migration is the problem

Q: I only see a black screen / hang on migrating add-ons, what should I do?
A: If you encounter this problem and a consider amount of time (more than half an hour) has passed, you should log in to the system and execute the above instructions from the previous question.

Q: How do I get the update?
A: You should receive a prompt when the update is available. After choosing to install this update, your system will be automatically updated. You can learn more about system updates here.

Q: I was running some test builds, do I have to change anything to get the update?
A: OSMC makes pre-release builds of Kodi available before final release to ensure that things go smoothly when the final version is released. If you’ve ran Kodi Krypton test builds (either official ones), or @gmc’s nightlies for Raspberry Pi, this update will be available and will supersede any prior test build. You won’t need to do anything to receive this update.

Note that if you are using a Kodi v18 nightly, you will not be eligible to receive this update as Kodi v18 is newer and downgrading is not supported.

Q: I am using a shared library? Has the database version changed?
A: Yes. You should check that your other Kodi clients are compatible with Kodi Krypton before upgrading.

Q: Are add-ons supported by Kodi Jarvis supported in Kodi Krypton?
A: Most add-ons that worked in Kodi 16.1 (Jarvis) should work without issue with the new version of Kodi.

Q: I can’t find my add-ons anymore
A: To ensure compatibility where possible, Kodi disables any non-official add-ons by default when a new major version is released. You should be able to enable them manually under Settings. Note that this does not necessarily mean they be compatible with the new version of Kodi.

Q: Will my current skin work with Kodi Krypton?
A: The new version of Kodi has reworked the skinning system extensively, and as such, only a handful of skins are currently ready for Kodi Krypton. You should check with the developer of the skin to see if there is a Krypton compatible version available

Q: My add-ons are not working, what can I do?
A: You should notify the developer of this add-on and ask them if there is a version compatible with the new version of Kodi. Unfortunately OSMC cannot do anything about this.

Q: How can I downgrade?
A: Unfortunately, downgrading is not trivial. However we will maintain Jarvis images on our website for some time. If you discover a bug or issue, we are more interested in fixing it, as there will be users in a similar position, rather than having users downgrade.

Q: I saw a sad face, when everything seems fine now. What happened?
A: This issue can occur when the ‘Skin Shortcuts’ add-on is updating. It is particularly prominent if you are using a skin which uses this add-on. Kodi should be restarted by the OSMC watchdog and should work fine after this.

Q: I don’t see all of my skin’s menus. What can I do to resolve this?
A: Please wait a few moments for the skin menus to be rebuilt. This may take a while to update if you have a number of add-ons on your system. If the issue persists, you should check that your skin is indeed compatible.

Q: CEC has stopped working, what can I do?
A: Power off your TV and device at the mains for 60 seconds, including your AV receiver if you have one. This usually resolves CEC issues.

Q: Why does the version show as Kodi Krypton 17.1?
A: We have included some official fixes for Kodi Krypton since it was tagged as final a few days ago. To avoid confusion, we have retained the version bump. We will continue to update Kodi and deliver any fixes or improvements in future updates.

Q: My question is not answered and I am experiencing an issue, what can I do?
A: Please start a new forum post, with detailed information so that we can assist you with your problem.

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