OSMC upscaling unexpected behaviour / poor performance


I have some files that are 1920x1080 23.976216Hz H.264. When I play them on my Vero 4k, I get dropped frames, jerky movement that resembles a field order problem and poor lipsync. OSMC is upscaling them to 4k.

I have tried adding all the 1080 and 4k modes to the whitelist and having a blank whitelist. I have the option to change resolution set to start/stop. Changing the UI to 60Hz has improved it but it’s still pretty rough.

Would you have any suggestions please?



Is it anime? It might be encoded in Hi10 which isn’t supported.

I confess! It is anime. I’m one of THOSE people :laughing:

How can I tell if it is Hi10?

Look at the line Decoded Format: it says 10 bits.

So throw it into Media Encoder and make it something more standard?

That’s the only way, yes.