OSMC USB 3.0 boot worth it for Pi2?


I was using Openelec on the Pi B+ and used to USB 3.0 stick
and it helped with the speed when streaming from Kodi.

I have just bought a Pi2 and decided to try OSMC and I am
very impressed with the speed using a 16gb class 10 SD.

I also love the interface and it just feels fresh and

There are a couple of things I want to know.

Is it possible or even worth booting from a USB stick like I
did with Openelec?

Last night I put the SD and the USB in my Mac Mini and
selected USB on the installer app and then installed it to the SD card.

When I put them in the Pi2 it all installed and worked,
however is this all you have to do to boot from the USB? Is there a way to
check it is booting from it?

That’s the first question; however I also have a couple of
other questions.

When I was watching something I fast forwarded it I had an ‘out
of cache’ message. I also had a bit of buffering (not as much as the Pi B+ but
enough to want to try and sort it).

Is there a recommended advancedsetting.xml I can try to eliminate
the buffering?

My last question involves VPN’s.

I have a PIA subscription and was hoping to get this running
on the Pi through OSMC as an addon – is this possible?

Note - For info my Pi is hard wired and I get 102mb down and
6mb up.

Sorry this was so long winded!

  1. you are not booting from USB stick - you cannot boot at all without a suitably configured SD card. However the USB install will set up the bare minimum on the SD card, and put the majority of the system on USB.
  2. search the forum for buffering and advanced settings - it has been commented on.
  3. VPNs have also been discussed in the forum