Osmc vero 4k codecinfo

Hi ,
i have osmc vero 4k.
The new remote with usb adapter has info key and volume also.
At video playback when i press info key i see only info about file.
How to change key info to display codecinfo ?

Do you mean the screen that is shown when you press the button with the 3 lines?


Starting in Kodi v17 most of this information has been moved to a new window called PlayerProcessInfo.

Do you mean a 3rd party remote control by that or is it the original one that came with the Vero 4k?

Did you order this recently?
The new OSMC remote has not been officially announced yet, but you may have received it early.

The support for all keys will come in the next update.


Sry, for a slightly off-topic comment:

There’s a new remote? Keen to see it/get info about it… :wink:

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my remote is below

I have created remote.xml file in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps

 			<key id="195">PlayerProcessInfo/key>

But it doesn’t work. It displays only info about current movie (info about plot, cover, etc).

That’s indeed a new remote… So, as Sam said: the button layout will be added for that one, I guess.

The old had forward and rewind keys instead of volume buttons. Glad I have the old one. Not using any software volume control of the Vero itself because I want bit perfect playback. So, the keys would be useless for me (and not so nice even when remapping them as the print is showing volume change functionality). :grin::+1:t2:

Looks like a typo:

<key id="195">PlayerProcessInfo/key>

should be

<key id="195">PlayerProcessInfo</key>
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Also, key id may be different on this new remote.

With the “old remote” it was just the “context button” (button showing the three horizontal bars) and then the OK button while playing a video.

<key id="195">PlayerProcessInfo</key>
yes, typo,
done right in remote.xml and still doesn’t work.

Did you restart Kodi?

There’s one other thing you can try:

in ssh run tail -f ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log
then turn on debugging on the Kodi menu (Settings > System > Logging) and see what code it produces when you press the button.

Otherwise you’ll probably need to wait until the next OSMC update when support for the new remote will be included.

Ok, thanks,
I will wait for official support.

ok, I have tried this and the results:

21:55:56.414 T:4107988992 DEBUG: OnKey: i (0xf049) pressed, action is Info
21:55:56.415 T:4107988992 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogFullScreenInfo.xml) ------

Why not try:

<key id="0xf049">PlayerProcessInfo</key>


<key id="61513">PlayerProcessInfo</key>

And of course it works now :slight_smile:

The new control should be able to control AV receiver volume via CEC. Of course, controlling volume via OSMC is entirely optional.

Here’s the commit adding support for this new remote: [package] [eventlircd-osmc] Add support for 2nd generation OSMC RF re… · osmc/osmc@62215bf · GitHub.


I can confirm this works - atleast on my reciever, the tv seems to ignore the volume change from osmc.

Ah, I see… Well, still nicer for me to have the old keys, but I see the use for most users when the new keys control volume via CEC. :+1:t2: