OSMC/VERO can play HEVC files?
RPI can’t.

No, Vero does not support HEVC

hardware it’s not compatible or firmware needs to be updated in the future?

The hardware is not compatible. Please keep in mind that H265 takes a significant amount of effort to encode and as such I don’t think it will catch on for a while

@sam: has your opinion changed about this? Mine has… More than half of the tv shows that I watch are encoded in h265… Quite annoying to see the streaming world jump on this so fast while there are no decent media players available to handle this yet…

Yes – my opinion is changing


Not to put any pressure on you, but I’m curious to see as to what the solution can be. New devices? plugin decoders? who knows…

@TonyFeestneus don’t agree with you. Everything is still h264 with h265 option.

Unfortunately not.

My personal findings, Mad Men only 720p in h264 (1080p h265 only)
Fast 'n Loud, Misfit Garage, etc only in HDTV/SD (720p+ h265 only)

And more shows have this trend…

The Isengard H265 ARM ASM optimisations will be in OSMC final which ships Isengard.

What about this ? Do the last update of OSMC on Vero support H265 ?

OSMC is still with Helix.

I have some H265 encoded video. They all play scattered… Some configuration wrong ? Can I set anything better ?
Or Isengard supports only partially H265 ?

The vero is too slow to play them. It has nothing to do with Isengard. HEVC is only cpu decoded on this device.