OSMC Vero V Review

For the most part It does the same things the previous model does but faster. There is some improvements in the video quality, USB 3, faster eMMC, etc. but given that the previous model did a really good job of playing almost anything it is more evolution than revolution. Think of it as buying a new PC. It will do pretty much all the same things as your old one but faster.

Yes – however, you may need to manually enable AV-1 decoding under Settings → Playback.



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Just as a datapoint, I did not need to enable it. It was already enabled after restoring from my two 4K+. It’s worth checking, though!

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Yep, I’ve defaulted it to on for V when an old backup is restored, but wasn’t confident that the setting was working as expected yet. Thanks for confirming.

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Good question.

We spent five years developing Vero V (with initial development beginning in August 2018). The idea was to release in 2020 that would last for the next decade. COVID-19 happened, then we had chip shortages. This pushed us back a bit. But we didn’t sit around and improved things further.

The Vero V is future proofed in a number of ways:

  • Faster CPU and GPU – we keep OSMC as minimal as possible, but as capabilities evolve, hardware is taxed more.
  • 4GB RAM (we don’t even hit 1GB during playback of most content); but we provide an expansive operating system for a reason, and know users will install other services.
  • For reasons above, we’ve added USB3 connectivity so those that use TVHeadend, host a drive connected to their device can get the best speeds
  • AV-1 is the next generation video codec and it’s already being used for YouTube. We’ve had some reports of users having issues playing content from YouTube because it’s AV-1, so we’ve made sure to include support for this video codec.
  • Support for the latest graphics accel (GLES3; Vulkan).
  • Widevine L1/HDCP2.2 keys also included

There’s a lot more, and I’ll outline it in the official blog post on release.

What I expect will happen is that Vero 4K / 4K + will end up in the bedroom, and Vero V will end up in the main lounge :slight_smile:

Next week, we will be packaging up retail units every day in anticipation. Our website needs a bit of work to get it in to shape to handle the launch and I’m also scared of the initial rush.



See Dolby Vision - #19 by sam_nazarko.

We have a proper approach to this.

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Looks great Sam. Media room budget is a bit limited at the moment, but I’ll definitely be picking one of these up sooner than later as the 4K is back to being my primary player again.

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Great thanks!

Thanks for the review!

Can anybody tell - will there be distributors in EU to purchase from?


Sounds great. Will this extra power run the interface at 4k?

That’s not directly related to the power but more to the rendering engine of Kodi. So still doesn’t make sense to run GUI in 4k

We will have EU distributors but they won’t get stock until a fair while later.

We mainly use OSMC to watch back UK Freeview DVB recordings. Can we expect any changes or improvements to deinterlacing 1080 H.264 TV broadcasts on the new Vero?

Happy to do some last minute testing @sam_nazarko :wink:

Regarding the initial rush, I think I read somewhere you might be doing a loyalty discount? I have 3 V4k devices at the moment. I defo might be interested in an upgrade, but I’m not in a huge rush.

If you’re planning on any kind of loyalty discount, you could consider doing so with a voucher, to be redeemed in…? 6-12 months maybe. This might take a lot of current customers like me out of the release rush and let more first time users get their devices.

If I remembered wrong then disregard obviously :slight_smile:

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We will have a good introductory price. I’m hoping we can hold that price throughout, but obviously purchasing early will be the best way to get a good price :slight_smile:

We will prioritise existing customers first.



are you asking the same to other company’s? ‘‘i have a samsung fridge and a diswasher. i want a loyalty discount for my new samsung microwave.’’

come on boys, this isn’t how it works.


Dear Sam,
do you know whether there could be any issues shipping directly to Azerbaijan?

Would it still be possible to order from the UK as a EU customer? My vero 4 died a while back, I am in dire need of a replacement and eagerly await your release :relieved:

if not, how much later would that be for the EU release then?

Yes - we will still ship worldwide.