OSMC Vero4k Movie stuttering

Hi all!

It took a while for me to post this but I really don’t know hwat is going on when I play 4k 35GB+ movies, or when the frame rate is above 70ish Mb/s.

My test file is Justice League, movieinfo below.

So, I was streaming this through my NAS and I had stuttering, sometimes very subtle, sometimes very evident.

I wanted to rule out if it was a network issue (cabled) and I copied the file on a USB thumb drive, stuttering improved but it still does it, much less though, but in my opinion the movie is no whatchable.

I also checked with iperf3 and the throughput is wirespeed, so nothing wrong there either.

Would you please help me to figure it out? I also tried to add this line for more buffering?!? Didn’t help…


Please send us some debug logs.


Here you go: