OSMC version before removing RAR-support?


I’m looking for someone how knows which version of OSMC that’s the latest one before they deleted the “RAR-support”? I’m having troubles playing files and finding movies when im scanning my folders after they added the RAR-support to the addons, so im thinking going back some versions.

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I assume it was changed with v18 so latest v17 was v17.6
But generally why stick to something unsupported instead of making the small step to just unpack your RAR’s :wink:

Thanks for your answer.

Well it will save me a lot of time because 90% of the things I download is in RAR format.

So i found all versions on this site (Index of /osmc/osmc/download/installers/diskimages ) but how can I know which one that’s V17.6?

RAR support has not been removed. OSMC has the binarys included but disabled by default so you will not see them in the normal place. If you go to add-ons>my addons>virtual filesystems you will find both the ‘archive support’ and ‘RAR archive support’ add-ons. Most people are finding that you need to enable one or the other, but not both.

I know that. But that addon don’t help me out to the full. Some videos cant be played and found when scanning. Worked like a charm on the old kodi so im thinking of going back to the earlier version.

Well v18 came in April

The last 17 version was December, released early January this year.

Install and active ONLY “RAR archive support”, disable “Archive support” addon if you install this one.
I have lot of rar archives and have no problems with scanning or playing.

I’ve tried that before, some files work and some doesn’t.
I’ve now installed kodi V17 and that works like a charm, so problem solved for now. Hopefully they update these bugs in the future.

They won’t unless you file a bug report with the add-on developer.

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