OSMC volume low (RPi3 HDMI)

A few days ago OSMC KODI (v. 2017.12-1) volume unexpectedly went down. I mean, if earlier I used 4-5 volume level on my TV, now I have to volume up to 50 to have the same volume.

And no, nothing wrong with the TV set - other than RPi video sources have an old volume level.

No HAT DAC, directly from RPi3 HDMI into the TV HDMI input.

Any ideas, how to get the old good volume?

Thanks in advance

Did you turn down the volume on the Pi?

If you mean the Volume or Volume amplification sliders in the Audio and subtitle setting, then no, I did not change anything. However, what are the default values?

I had the same problem and then found that all I had to do was turn the tv off and on again.