OSMC vs Kodi Distinction...confused

I’m confused…

I thought I installed OSMC, but my screen (Confluence) has Kodi in the top left corner.

Can someone briefly explain the difference between these two things or point me to a wiki about the distinction? My understanding was this (please promptly correct me if I’m wrong):

Kodi is the new version of XBMC…and Raspbmc was a modified version of XBMC designed for Raspberry Pi…and OSMC is the new version of Raspbmc.

Is this right?

If so, should I be getting my advice from the Kodi forums or the OSMC forums? Is there a practical difference?


OSMC is a debian based operating system designed and optimized to run the software Kodi.
Kodi is multi platform and you can install it on Windows, OSX, other Linux distros, Android etc.

It´s not always easy to determine where to ask questions, but in general you can ask anything in here.
If your question is specific to Kodi you might be referred to their forum, but you will also have a lot of helpful users and devs here too.

Great! Thanks!