OSMC Wake on LAN

Not really sure where to report this. Been a long time user of openelec and until recently I used to OSMC and it great. All my media and library are hosted on my server and I use the wake on lan feature to start the server before kodi launches.

With openelec you would see the openelec splash screen and then it would go to the Kodi logo and wait there until the server wakes up and is ready to to go which is about 30 seconds, with OSMC same thing applies and everything is good but your stuck at a black screen. After the OSMC splash screen when kodi is still waiting on the server all you see is a black screen, if OSMC had the kodi logo or even an OSMC logo when kodi actually starts it would fix the black screen issue.

Anyway to add second logo if waiting for the server?

Enable splash via advancedsettings.xml


I added <splash>true</splash> to the advancedsettings.xml and it had no effect, still get a blank screen if server is asleep.


The mysql database settings are there as well and they work fine

Did you enable the wait for network setting in network settings ? If so it should wait at the OSMC splash screen for the network to come up before it goes blank and then to Kodi.

Yes thats enabled, network comes up and then it waits at the black screen for about 15 seconds. This is by design (delay is added in advancedsettings.xml) , since it takes my server about 12 seconds to boot up and make the shares available. Everything is functional I just don’t want to see a black screen for 15 seconds. With openelec it would just show the kodi logo, I just want some second logo/splash screen rather than a black screen so i know it waiting.


Tried a different skin ? I don’t think all skins have splash screens…

I’m using eminence, why would the skin have this, isn’t it part of the OS? The Kodi logo was there in OE and shows on Windows with the same skin.

Really would like to see this fixed.

Splash screen will be fixed in the next major release.

thank you, this was somewhat of a dealbreaker for me. If nothing shows on the screen people think something is broken and start rebooting needlessly.

Now I just have to wait until release :slight_smile:

Not far away. We will be releasing final soon after Isengard goes gold, and that is not far away now…

expected as much

Using the newest stable build and still get a blank black screen if OSMC is waiting for my server. To clarify I do get the OSMC splash screen and it stays for about 5 second and if the server is awake it goes to the Kodi home screen all is good. If however the server is asleep after the OSMC splash screen it goes to a blank screen and waits, once the server is up it goes to the home screen.

With OpenELEC I got the OE splash screen for 5 seconds then it would go to the Kodi logo and stay there until the server came up, same applies to windows. I i can just see black text that says OSMC i’d be okay with it, something other than a black screen.

You get a blank screen because we have no splash screen in our Kodi build, so it’s waiting at the point where the splash would normally be onscreen.

Our next Kodi build (which will be Isengard) will reinstate the Kodi splash screen.

There’s been several discussions about animated splash screens over at the kodi forums - Is this something you’re looking at supporting at some time?