OSMC + Wiimote pointing

Hi OSMC community !

Here is my story : I just bought a RPI2 in order to create a media server over my local network. I wanted to control OSMC from a Wiimote controller. I was interested by configuring my RPI and OSMC to make them work with the IR information coming from the wiimote controller as mouse information.

All went good from the installation of OSMC to make it recognize my wiimote. For that, I have used CWiid library which i have configure to pair the wiimote and the RPI at each OSMC boot (by configuring /etc/rc.local). At first connection, I managed to control the mouse pointer in OSMC with the wimote acceleration data (Not IR…) For now, I can control OSMC with the wiimote buttons but i can’t find a way to make the IR sensor working as a mouse.

The test were perform on a VM running Ubuntu Mate and the wiimote works “fine” on both systems (OSMC & UMate). I have installed CWiid and it’s dependences, uinput, wminput and lswm.

The connection was correctly established as I can see data from the wiimote in the wmgui, IR data included.

Could someone give me some advices or hints that allow me to correctly configure my OSMC ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

had better experience with xwiimote then cwiid try that instead

Hi !

Thanks for your quick reply !

I just installed xwiimote and had the time to fix a bluetooth pairing issue !

The wiimote seams to be correctly paired, I ran xwiishow to check if the IR information were available, all is OK.

But now, how could I configure OSMC to set the IR as a mouse ?


EDIT : I’m relatively new with Unix system and to be honest I thought about editing the “mouse manager” to catch the wiimote information but maybe there is a tool already programmed that does the same thing ?

Instead of a Wiimote I use a Wii U Pro Controller. I was able to connect the WiiU Pro Controller and with the help of xwiishow 1 I could confirm that all the buttons of the controller are working correctly. However, here is on problem and I have not idea how to solve this: When I start kodi (systemctl start mediacenter) the controller is not working in kodi at all. The only thing that seems to react is the mouse pointer when I use the left joystick of the controller (but in a weird not controlled way).

Is there a way how I can get the Wii U Pro Controller to work as a remote for Kodi.

@Toast: BTW, I followed your instructions regarding the moonlight installation and I have to say: Thank you very much for your HowTo: I am able to stream games in high quality to my living room now (the only thing left for me is to use the Wii U Pro Controller for Kodi and Steam)

If you have an idea or hint for me I would be glad.

ssh your osmc installation

moonlight --map /home/osmc/whatever.conf

not sure if you need to envoke modprobe hid-wiimote also since i dont own a wii-u mote