Osmc wired network settings question

In OSMC network settings for the wired connection, what does “wait for network” do??

This is another thing that would be good to see in a users manual, if there was one!

If your Medias are on a NAS and mounted using NFS or SMB, the Network has to be up first before Kodi is able to actually access these network drives. Hence the “Wait for network” in here.

The user manual is effectively the Wiki.

As the software can and does change regularly, it’s better to keep the paper documentation light.

You should have received a paper set up guide with your unit however.

Yes, we’ve had this conversation before - you guys REALLY need a manual, albeit online for changes, detailing what all the settings do (even just for “My OSMC”).
Even basic Kodi setup (for display and audio) would have been helpful, or pointing towards Kodi’s own setup pages.

I want to buy my mother a Vero, for instance, but she lives in another town. This device is currently beyond her, due, in part, to the level of documentation provided. I struggled with correct, optimised setup and I’m a self professed tech geek.

My OSMC is in a state of change.

But generally, I agree. I just don’t agree that the manual needs to exist in paper form

No agreed it doesn’t, in fact with constant changes it can only exist as an expansion to your already existing wiki. Best place for it.