OSMC with 8bitdo NES30 Pro

Maybe this has been answered already but could not find anyting in the forum

How can i map the buttons of a connected blutooth controller with OSMC?
I can pair my NES30 pro to OSMC via the “OSMC -> Network -> Bluetooth” option but not buttons work.
I’ve seen people having the directional pad working but it seems i can’t even get that to work.

i know it can work cause i’ve installed RetroPie along with OSCM (using one of the tutorials found here) and the controller works perfectly in Emulation Station.

bluetoothctl shows that the controller is recognized, paired, connected and trusted.

Any help would be appreciated



Our build of kodi doesn’t seem to have joystick support.
There was talk about enbling that option but is was turned down until there is more time for testing.
@sam_nazarko could probably try to build with the joystick support enabled when the new update is out.