OSMC with deluge forgets it's adjustments after restart

Hi there,

I entered the Raspberry world some weeks ago to setup a Pi3 as a media Center and it worked fine with Kodi on a LibreElec. I also have a wood heater wich is able to communicate with a so called p4d software on a debian lite distri for which I use a pi2 and it works fine to.

I also want to use one of these pi’s as a deluge client and I installed it on the pi2 as the kodi on the pi3 was not able to install the needed parts. Anyway, everything worked fine, even after a restart, but it is horrible slow.
So I checked out if the deluge install work’s with OSMC and it did. So I installed everything again on the PI3 now running the osmc and everything worked fine as well. After all I tried a restart, and every single adjustment is lost. Also the fstab mounting from the network drives does not work. The configuration from the deluge-console to accept remote control was always lost. But the most important Problem is, that even the torrents (not the data) gets lost, and the client has to check every single file after every restart.
I don’t have any Idea why that happens, because on the PI2 everythings works fine besides the speed.

Maybe someone is here who can explain why that happens, or what to do.

Kind regards Mathias

Even so nobody ansewered here, I will post my steps forward.

I removed every the autostart option for the deluge client via the rh.local.
After a restart I looked for the mounted Networkdrives via fstab but they are not there. So I start mount -a and the appeared a few seconds later.
Then I started the deluge client manually and it worked fine with all settings.
It semms that the debisn distri comes with osmc has some problems with the automated start functionality or so. As the pi is a 24h running client it is not a Problem at all, but I have found another issue, but I will read a bit more befor I will post it. So this post here is finished I think.