OSMC with Infoboard

Hello all,
I just recently setup a Pi 3 with OSMC, definitely like the setup. My intent was to set it up for use in the kitchen/dining area for when cooking, prepping,cleaning,etc. I’ve also wanted to set this screen up to function as an infoboard to display everyday stuff like weather, appointments, to-do lists,etc. I was looking at using dakboard, but with no webbrowser support built into OSMC at this time it doesn’t seem like a good plan.

I’m curious if anyone else has done a similar setup for this? Ideally, i think the infoboard ought to be the home screen of the media center, or maybe a ‘screensaver’ like functionality, showing up on the screen after certain inactivity.

I don’t think OSMC / Kodi is the right solution for this.